Highlights North of Ibarra

Liberty Train

image001This section of railway between the city of Ibarra and the town of Salinas is part of the old railway line between Quito and San Lorenzo. On its way, the Liberty Train passes spectacular landscapes, various tunnels and bridges. The train ride can be combined with a whole range of activities and tours in the Salinas area


El Ángel Ecological Reserve

image003El Ángel Reserve is famous for being the only place in Ecuador with large extensions of frailejones (Espeletia pycnophylla) and polylepis forests. It also offers the chance to spot rare wildlife, e.g. the Andean Condor, and there are several hiking trails to choose from. The beautiful 2-hour loop hike to Lake Voladero is part of most of our tours to the reserve


Afro-Ecuadorian Culture

image005Places like Salinas  and Chota Valley are two of the country´s hotspots of Afro-Ecuadorian culture. With their own music, dances and handicrafts, together with their fascinating history, Afro-Ecuadorians add even more colour and rhythm to the cultural diversity of the Northern Sierra. Our tour Train & Chota Valley gives you deep insights into Afro-Ecuadorian culture.


Trekking in the Piñan Highlands

image007The páramo grassland of Piñan lies at the heart of the vast Cotacachi-Cayapas Ecological Reserve, and with its many lakes it is a real paradise for trekking and sport fishing enthusiasts. The Piñan area is very isolated and the few villages in the region seem to be stations on a journey back in time. A great way to explore the area is one of our multi-day treks.


Colonial Villages

image009Villages like Cahuasqui, Pablo Arenas and Tumbabiro retain much of their colonial architecture and are ideal place to learn more about the history of the entire region. Additionally they are great destinations for hiking or bicycle tours in the area.



Mira Valley and Lita area

image011The Mira Valley connects the Andean regions of the Western Cordillera with the lowlands of Esmeraldas Province. The valley is an old trade route between Ecuador´s Northern Sierra and Coast, and along its trajectory you find spectacular scenery and some organic fincas open to visitors.



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